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Alvo Sport introduces Strykr, a martial arts training & gaming system for all ages and disciplines.
Train with your master or compete against others in real-time, anywhere in the world. 
See Strykr in action
The best way to understand Strykr is to see it in action.   Strykr is used by professional athletes, trainers, students, and anyone wanting a fun, intense workout. 
The Strykr Platform
Strykr is a portable, wireless sleeve that fits on any punching bag and records all of your kicks and punches in your cloud account.  
Strykr challenges you with training routines and games, and let's you play against others ANYWHERE in the world in real-time. 
Stay Informed
Get inforation about demos in your area, tournaments, new games and features. 
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Athlete Spotlight
Strykr supports and follows athletes in many disciplines.  
- MMA - Taekwondo -
- Boxing - Para Sports -


Working out feels great, and the results are even better. But having real feedback during and after your workout builds a better body. Through its multicolor lighted targets, the Alvo Sport Strykr prompts you to perfrom specific techniques, while responding with immediate feedback, such as whether you hit the target. Meanwhile, it tracks your performance data while you train, and adjusts to your level, skill and abilities. If you’re feeling like a super-human, Strykr pushes you harder DURING your workout. If you’re in recovery mode, Strykr pulls back to challenge you at your pace. Strykr adjusts to how hard you train, and lets you track your progress.

Fitness meets fun

Staying fit and having fun don’t always go together, but Strykr makes fitness fun again. Strykr is based around the concept of games. Yes, fun games with challenges to reach new play levels, score awards, and compete against other players. Some games are just for the thrill – but our founding concept is based on training for martial arts and combat sports, and thus is based on the demands, traditions and regimens of combat sport disciplines.
If you’re into taekwondo, your games will train you for all of the kicks, blocks and combos. If you’re a boxer, your games will challenge you to perfect your jab-cross-hook or jab-jab-cross. If you’re into boot camps and cross training, you’ll have new routines to master and new muscles to flex. And if you’re into MMA, Strykr challenges you to strike hard, fast, and on target.


Train your way. Try a workout that won’t get stale – it’s endlessly customizable and easy to update. Stykr can be tailored for specific disciplines or functions via games. Create your own workout routines, tests, challenges, and GAMES from your mobile app or web account.

Track your progress

Strykr helps you be your best; so if you’re training for a tournament or match, you can use your post-game training data to help reach your peak form. All of your training data is managed in the cloud where you can replay past game sessions, or simply review stats such as your average reaction time or overall accuracy.

Meet Strykr

The Alvo Sport Story

Strykr was born from a desire to understand what is really going on when you workout, and in particular, when you strike or kick a target. Alvo Sport has been making technology-based products for combat sports tournaments for years, and we want everyone to have real, accurate, valuable training data to gauge your progress; and make workouts fun. The Strykr idea is now expanding to make training and workouts into games (we call it ‘gamifying’), and it seems to be catching on with professionals, kids, and everyone in between.

Alvo Sport Story

Strykr in Action - real martial artists using Strykr!

Training Basics with Gabe


Gabe is using the basic hand technique training mode with Strykr. Strykr challenges you by lighting a red target to practice your strikes.

Taekwondo training with Arthur


Arthur is using the taekwondo kicking mode with Strykr. Strykr challenges you by lighting a blue target to practice your taekwondo kicks.

Combo training with Gabe


Gabe is using the combo training mode with Strykr. Strykr challenges you by lighting targets in various sequences, and the player reacts with the same combos.

Special Thanks to Master Steve and the crew at Hwa Rang Kwan in San Francisco for their support. Our first YouTube videos were filmed at Hwa Rang Kwan, which is a great place to train, but also happens to be a great place to shoot video. Our film crew athletes are: Gabriel Stuckey, Arthur Law, Master Melissa McPeters and Master Steve Rapport.

Athlete Spotlight


Alvo Sport is proud to support rising MMA fighter Matt Ramirez, who’s fighting as a flyweight in Bellator 131 on Saturday November 15. Matt has been training hard, and ready to unleash his “dynamic” fighting style loose on Saturday. Tune into Spike online and Spike TV to see one of the most anticipated cards in MMA history, with Tito Ortiz taking on Stephan Bonnar for the Bellator light heavyweight title.

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Athlete Spotlight

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